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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?

Parents are invited to bring students by the Learning Achievement Center (LAC)  for an initial consultation at no charge.  Once the family decides to enroll the student in a tutoring program, there is an initial enrollment fee of $25.  Students schedule sessions by the hour or by the package depending on the student's needs.  Costs can range from an hourly fee to any of several package options.  We want to meet the specific needs of each student.
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Do I have to sign a contract?

Families do not have to sign a contract with the Learning Achievement Center.  We will schedule a program, schedule, and payment plan based on each individual student's needs.  Parents will be given a recommended time projection, but this is not a required time commitment.  We simply require a four week notice if you exit before the recommended time projection.  This helps the tutor to wrap up the tutoring program with your child, and it also helps us with scheduling tutors.
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How does the program work?

Parents and the Center Director define the goals for the student at the initial conference.  During the school year, most parents want our Four Cycle Package which includes a combination of (1) homework help, (2) study skills, test prep, and general organization, and (3) basic skills enhancement.  Each LAC cycle consists of 4 weeks.  Most students complete the goals for these areas in four to six LAC cycles; however, most parents choose to continue the tutoring sessions until the end of the school year in order to continue the homework help especially at the high school level.  Keep in mind that even if the parents and the LAC Director decide that six cycles are needed, the parent is still NOT required to sign a contract.  We only ask that the parent give a written 4-week notice prior to exiting the program.

Some parents prefer their child’s program be based upon skills only.  Some parents want a specific area such as study skills or enrichment.  We will design a program specifically to meet the goals for that student.  The goals may be adjusted as progress continues and the original goals are met.
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Are you open in the summer?

Our summer packages focus mainly on specific skills.  Below are a few examples of our summer programs.

  • While your child will not have regular homework in the summer, there are still many ways we can be of assistance in the summer.  Some schools give summer reading lists.  Our tutors can help your child as he/she completes the summer reading. 
  • Sometimes students will pass a particular grade level; however the teacher informs the parent that the child will need to brush up on a certain skill over the summer in order to be fully prepared for the next grade level.  The LAC can customize a program to make sure your child is ready when school begins in the fall. 
  • If your child is in high school, we have a few math programs that might help.  The first one is in Geometry.  Since Geometry is a new type of math to most students, we like to give them a general introduction to Geometry so they will not be so overwhelmed when their Geometry class begins.  The second program is a review of Algebra I.  This program is very beneficial to students who have just completed Geometry and are about to take Algebra II. 
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What if I want to enroll more than one child?

We do offer discounts for multiple students in a single family.  You will receive the family discount for every 4-week cycle you have more than one child enrolled at the Learning Achievement Center.  These discounts will be discussed with the Center Director at the initial consultation for the student.
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What if my child needs to be tutored in more than one subject.

When a student attends during the school year, the tutor focuses on the primary goals set by the parent and the Center Director at the initial consultation.  The tutor will also incorporate a comprehensive approach to all areas to ensure overall success. 

For example, suppose your goal is to improve your child’s math grades.  The tutor will begin each tutoring session by asking the student if he has any math homework.  Once the student completes the math homework the tutor will then ask if the student has homework in any other subjects.  Once all the homework is completed, the tutor will spend the remaining tutoring time to drill past math skills, look ahead at the next math lesson, or work on basic study and organization skills.  The tutor will make full use of the entire hour.

At the elementary and middle school levels, there is no extra charge for receiving tutoring in more than one subject area.  If the student seems to not be able to complete the homework in the set amount of time, the tutor will inform the Center Director, and the Director, the parent, and possibly the tutor will discuss if more time is needed each week.  This is more often the case with high school students who need to be tutored in more than one subject area.  Also, since our high school tutors are often qualified/certified for a particular subject area, the student will need to see more than one tutor if more than one subject area is needed.  The Center Director will be glad to discuss these issues at the initial consultation.
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Will you work with my child's classroom teacher?

With written parental permission, we will contact the school teacher.  The combination of the parent, the school teacher, and the Learning Achievement Center ensures the highest successful results.
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Deciding if a Tutor is Needed
Below you will find some lists of questions that might prove helpful when deciding if a tutor is needed.  If at any point you have a question, feel free to contact us.

Parent Self-Test

Student Study Habits Inventory

Study Skills Quiz