Our Programs
With all of our Programs, each tutoring session is generally one hour long.  Since our tutoring sessions are one-to-one, the student receives the tutor’s full attention for the whole hour.

All programs are completely customizable.  The type of program is determined by the parent and the LAC Director at the initial consultation.  The type of program can also be changed at any time by contacting the LAC Director.
Homework Support Program
This is our most common program.  The parents can choose to have us help on one or two specific subjects or on all subjects the student is studying. 

We generally begin each session with homework help.  This helps to keep the student’s grades up, but it also helps the tutor pinpoint areas in which the student needs extra help.  Once the homework is completed, the tutor will use the rest of the hour to brush up on past topics the student has not mastered, provide extra practice on the current topics, or even work ahead on a future topic.

This program also includes study tips to prepare for chapter tests as well as review for state exams such as TCAPs and EOCs.

Standarized Test Prep Programs
We offer test prep programs for standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, GRE, and PRAXIS exams.  Below are a few sample programs.  All programs can be altered to fit the student’s specific needs.

Our ACT prep program has the student complete several practice ACT tests over the course.  While studying for the ACT math, we will review important Algebra and Geometry topics.  The ACT English prep will include a review of basic grammar rules, a focus on vocabulary, and essay writing.  This ACT prep course also includes basic test taking tips as well as a review of several practice science tests.  A book containing 10 ACT practice tests is included with our summer ACT program. 

Our PRAXIS prep program is directed by a certified teacher.  This program begins with a free practice test to determine the areas that need to be covered.  Once these areas are pinpointed, the tutor helps the student improve those skills using a variety of strategies.  We can also assist with projects, papers, or lesson plans now associated with student teaching.
Summer Programs
Summers are our favorite time at the Learning Achievement Center.  This is the time where we can really focus on the areas the student needs to improve without having to spend time completing homework and studying for tests.  Our first goal in the summer is to make sure the student has completely mastered all the important topics and concepts from the previous school year.  Once those areas are mastered, we can focus on topics to prepare the student for the upcoming school year.

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