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About the Center Director/Owner
The Learning Achievement Center seeks out the most qualified tutors for each student.  In most cases, our tutors are certified in the grade level and subject area they are tutoring.  Some of our tutors even hold advanced certificates such as special education. 

We realize that a qualified tutor my not necessarily have a teaching certificate.  For example, to teach at a college or university, an advanced degree is required rather than a teaching certificate.   Some of our tutors hold advanced degrees such as a master's degree in the subject area they tutor. 

We also hire students from the local colleges and universities.  These students must be majoring or minoring in the subject area in which they will tutor, and they must be highly recommended by a staff member in their major or minor.  The one-to-one tutoring experience these student tutors receive will ultimately help them become better teachers. 

By having such a wide range of tutors, we are better able to find a tutor for your child.  We strive to find the best match to the student with regard to subject matter, grade level, and the student's goals.  We also find the tutor who has the personality best suited to the individual student.

I received my BS in Mathematics in 1997 and my MS in mathematics in 1999 – both from Middle Tennessee State University.  I have taught college-level mathematics full or part time since 1999.  I currently teach an online class I developed for Nashville State Community College.  While teaching for Middle Tennessee State University, I had the opportunity to work with blind students.  Teaching mathematics to blind students was one of the most rewarding teaching experiences I’ve had.

I began tutoring for the Learning Achievement Center in the fall of 2007.  I tutor high school and college level mathematics.  I also tutor the mathematics and science portions of our ACT Prep program. 

It has always been a dream of mine to have my own tutoring center.  While tutoring for the Learning Achievement Center, I was so pleased with the program that I never considered leaving to open my own tutoring center.  In July 2010 I was presented with the opportunity to purchase the Center.  I gladly accepted, and I look forward to many years of continued success in helping students reach learning achievement.
About the Center Tutors
April Lynn Richey

I actually began tutoring while a student at North Side High School, and I continued to tutor throughout college.  While at Jackson State Community College, I tutored for the Academic Assistance Center.  While there the tutoring program along with the tutors became certified through the College Reading and Learning Association, and I became a Master Level Tutor.  I also continued to tutor while a student at Freed Hardeman University and Middle Tennessee State University.
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