Summer Programs
"Summer Learning Loss" is a phrase we are hearing more and more.  This simply refers to the skills a student loses during the summer months when school is out.  A few articles that discuss the summer learning loss include The Case Against Summer Vacation, The Case for Summer School for Kids, and The Case for Year Round Schooling.

We have designed several programs to help prevent this summer learning loss.  The main idea behind each program is to keep the students engaged in learning throughout the summer so that they retain the previously learned material.  As with all our programs, these can be customized to fit the student's individual needs.

Elementary and Middle School Skills (grades K-8)
The purpose of this program is to ensure the student is fully prepared for the upcoming school year.  Our first goal in the summer is to make sure the student has completely mastered all the important topics and concepts from the previous school year.   If you desire, we will contact your student’s current teacher and ask if there are any skills that need improvement.  We will spend the summer focusing on these skills.  Once those skills are mastered, we will begin introducing topics to be covered in the next school year so that the student will be a step ahead of the class.  This helps the student to start the semester off on a good foot which in turns boosts confidence.
Reviewing the Basics (grades K-8)
This program is for the student who does not have any specific areas that need to be reviewed.  We have divided this programs into 4 four basic skills areas: Mathematics, Reading, Vocabulary, and Creative Writing.  The parents can choose any or all of these areas, and how often each area gets reviewed.  For Mathematics and Reading we will be using a workbook series called Drops in the Bucket.  The students will be given handouts that can either be completed at home or at the  Center with the tutor.  For the Vocabulary, the student will be given a Wordly Wise vocabulary workbook.  Likewise, the lessons from this book can be completed at home or at the  Center with the tutor.  All work completed at home will be checked and reviewed by the tutor.  The Creative Writing lessons will include a basic grammar review.  With these writing lessons we will either practice handwriting or even computer typing and editing skills as determined by the parents.
Algebra and Pre-Calculus Prep
With the students entering a new algebra course, we always like to review their skills to make sure they are ready for that level of algebra when the semester begins.  Each algebra prep program begins with a skills test which is given free of charge with program enrollment.  The tutor will evaluate the skills test and note any areas of weakness.  These areas will be reviewed on a one-to-one bases.  When these topics are mastered, the tutor will begin introducing new algebra topics so that the student will have a head start this fall.

Algebra I prep will review basic math skills needed for Algebra I, and then we will begin to cover Algebra I topics.  Algebra II prep will review Algebra I skills, and then we will begin to cover Algebra II topics.  Pre-Calculus prep will review Algebra II, and then we will begin to cover Pre-Calculus Topics.  (Some schools call Pre-Calculus Algebra III.)

Introduction to Geometry
For many students, Geometry is often hard at first because it is a new type of math.  In our Introduction to Geometry course, we not only begin introducing some of the new terms and concepts associated with Geometry, but we also incorporate study skills specifically helpful for Geometry.  We have the textbooks used by a few local schools, so in some cases, we are able to begin working from the book the student will actually be using.
Research Paper/Essay Writing
With this program, the tutor will prepare the student for the Junior and Senior year research papers.  This program will include all the steps in the process of writing a research paper including but not limited to choosing a topic, the brainstorming process, research techniques, developing an outline, and writing the paper.  The tutor will also incorporate a review of basic grammar rules as part of the writing process.